Welcome Thirsty People

Let me, Juliene Lemon, aka the Lemonaider, mix up a regular gulp of Lemon-aid for you.  I intend to use this blog to share a tip, story or statistic that just might improve your life or at least help you to think about life differently.  I feel I’m qualified for this, because most people think I am a little different, and as a mental health counselor, I strive to find ways to live smarter, better, and healthier.

I believe this blog will force me to constantly reevaluate my own well-being and hopefully gain knowledge that will help the amazing people I work with.  For example, did you know that research says 80% of our thoughts in a day are negative?  Another research study says that the average person thinks 15,000 negative thoughts in a day.  Wow!  Even if those stats aren’t completely accurate, won’t you put on a badge and join the thought police with me?  Let’s pull over our bad thoughts, throw them in jail, and see if we can’t become a more positive and hopeful world.  Tell yourself you’re great, because you are.  Accept others for who they are, and let’s work to think in the affirmative.  I promise to try.  Will you?

Until next time, stay thirsty my friends,
The Lemonaider
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2 Responses to Welcome Thirsty People

  1. Denise Bammert says:

    You squeezed it, my friend! What a great start to “Gulp of Lemon-Aid.” I will forever thirst for your wisdom, guidance, ideas, affirmations, but most of all your “Lemon-Zest” for life!!!
    Just me, d.

  2. dixie says:

    when i was small, I needed to hold onto some one’s hand to make sure I was safe. Now, many years later, after I thought I had gotten rid of the demons in the closet, I find I need to hold someone’s hand to feel safe again. It seems like I am turning to you, because there I felt safe.

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