Public Speaking

Julie Lemon
Background / Topics

Julie has engaged in public speaking for the last several years. She has presented to different groups and businesses in the Cedar Rapids community on such topics as stress management, handling change, managing conflict, and life satisfaction. The following are some examples of Julie’s favorite public speaking topics:

Marriage – Julie has been married to Terry for twenty-five years, and she knows the challenges of making a marriage work. She also knows the satisfaction that can come from staying committed and keeping a family together. Julie is passionate about encouraging couples to improve their communication, interactions, intimacy, and overall relationships.

Adolescents – Julie has raised three teenagers and worked with young adults as a youth minister and youth counselor. Julie is concerned about the stress that today’s young people are experiencing, and the self-esteem issues they are encountering. She hopes to decrease the depression and anxiety of teens by helping them see the possibilities of their futures and their own potential for greatness.

Women – Julie enjoys being a woman and is grateful for the many opportunities available to women today. As a wife, mother and business owner, Julie understands the pressure women sometimes feel to be all things for all people. Therefore, it is important to learn to take proper care of ourselves in order to properly fulfill all our obligations.

Christianity – Faith is a huge part of Julie’s life, and she welcomes opportunities to share that faith with others. Julie believes that by nurturing a personal relationship with God we can decrease anxiety and increase joy in our daily lives. Julie wants to help grow a nation of faith-filled, fun believers by spreading a message of hope and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Please contact Julie at 319-981-2122 or via e-mail at to discuss your group needs.